An Escort’s Hot London Tips

Sometimes I pinch myself. I am doing something I love. I earn enough to support my rather lush tastes. I get spoiled, appreciated, and given fabulous gifts from my clients, and I get to travel. Yes, boys and girls – I’m an escort. Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but right now, at this time in my life, it’s a perfect fit for me, especially as I get to spend time in my favourite city in the world.

London is such an exciting place to visit as a single young woman, especially if you enjoy the finer things in life. My family were diplomats and so I got the chance to live in a lot of really interesting places. That’s how I learned to speak four different languages fluently. My native tongue is Estonian, but you’d never guess by my accent. Most people think I’m British. 

I went to international schools as a kid. I was one of the naughty girls and I’d always shorten my skirt to show the boys my legs. I soon learned that in some countries, they can still paddle you for that. I adored English films and would try to model myself to look like Kate Winslet. 

When I was fifteen, 50 Shades of Grey came out and all I can say is that it unleashed something inside me that had to be let out. I had a lot of fun experimenting with other girls and boys my age, coming to terms with my budding sexuality. When I turned twenty, two years ago, I discovered that I could indulge all of my own fantasies and make a great life for myself as an escort. I’m smart and I’m saving and investing my money in property. I reckon I’ll be a self-made woman by the time I’m thirty.

 In the meantime, I work hard and enjoy myself. Many of my clients are rich men, who are used to spending time with the classiest, brightest, and most gorgeous women. I’m not being arrogant, but I fit into that category. So, making sure that I look the part is a big part of what I do. What I do in private with my date is a different matter, but when we’re in public, I want to make him look and feel like he is king of the world. 

Luckily, I love shopping and Harrods has got to be one of the most amazing department stores anywhere. As soon as you walk through the big heavy doors, you feel like you’ve landed in the lap of luxury. I just adore all the amazing perfumes on the ground floor and must admit that I treat myself in the chocolate department every time I visit. Their pink, Marc de Champagne Truffles are to die for. 

When I go upstairs to the first floor that is when I’m really in my element. Shoes galore, for my feet, which I keep so soft and beautiful for the men I know who love to worship them. As I try on some of the high-end designer clothes, I imagine myself through the eyes of a strong, wealthy man, enjoying the feeling as he undresses me with his eyes. 

 When it’s time to buy lingerie, I always make sure I pick mine up from the perfect little Victoria’s Secret shop on Bond street. I could spend hours in there dreamily thinking about how hard it will be for a gentleman companion to resist me when he sees me dressed in one of their silky, skimpy baby doll outfits. I look so cute in those with my hair in pigtails. Then again, I usually get something a bit racier as well, like a lace up bustier that cradles my breasts perfectly, giving me the kind of cleavage that a man just wants to get lost in. 

I love looking at the different types of stockings they have. When I match them with a lacy garter belt, they make my legs irresistible, especially when I’m on my knees doing what I do best. My dates love sliding their hands up my legs, especially if I’m sitting next to them at a restaurant wearing silky stockings. Sometimes, they sneak their fingers all the way up between my legs to see how excited I am. They are never disappointed. Just wearing my Victoria’s Secret undies makes me horny

Whenever I’m out shopping in London, my final stop is always at Versace in Chelsea. Now that’s a place where I can really spoil myself. There is absolutely nothing that makes me feel more put together than a fine Versace handbag. I particularly love the vibrant colours. They let me express my personality and make even the most understated outfit look stylish. That’s why I am welcome at even the poshest of events.

The real treat at Versace though is the atelier collections. Versace dresses are for the most special of occasions and fortunately, as an escort, I need a Versace dress from time to time. They truly are masterpieces that suit my body perfectly. Whenever I walk into a party on the arm of a man, wearing a fitted Versace dress, heads turn, and jaws drop. Every man in the room wants me and every woman wants to be me and that’s exactly the way I like it. Especially, when later that evening my companion will show me his appreciation as he helps me out of my dress and takes me into his arms. We both know it’s going to be a sensual, erotic, and exciting night.  

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